Štěpán Pokorný

Štěpán Pokorný (born 1989 in Liberec, Czech Republic) is a music composer, conductor,  singer and instrumentalist. He studied conducting and music at the Charles University in Prague  under the leadership of MgA. Marek Štryncl.   As a pianist, he spent his early high school years attending Karel Velebný Summer Jazz  Workshop in Frýdlant v Čechách and […]

Martin Vacula

Martin Vacula was born in Opava in 1980. In 2005, he graduated at the Institut of Art Studies at the University of Ostrava where he studied singing in the class of Michael Kozelsky. He continued his studies with a private tutor, baritone, Václav Zítek between 2003-2008. During his studies, he worked externally with the operatic […]

Kristýna Žáková

Kristýna is a cellist with passion for all genres but especially new contemporary pieces because they challenge her in new ways. She hopes to be part of projects that bring classical music to different audiences than usual. Kristýna very much enjoyed being the musician and organiser at the same time for this project as she […]

Creating VR enviroments

Every scene was inspired by music submitted. We wanted to keep some common aethetics but at the same time reflect different music genres. When creating enviroments for web VR everything has to be optimized. We do not want to crash user web browser do we? Easiest way to get this going without 3d modelling is […]

Recording for Spatial audio

In order for spatial sound to work it needs to be recorded as separate tracks – ie so called multi-track. Original project was created for quartets therefore we encourage four separate tracks. More or less tracks is possible but it would require some minor changes in the code – if there will be big demand […]

Listen to the composer: Alexandra Cihanská Machová

alexandra cihanská machová photo

Alexandra shares her work pipeline and the sound means for her. She composed a piece for Trick The Ear project inspired by sculptures of Love, Cunning, Patience and Frivolity, part of collection of Vices and Virtues by Matyáš Bernard Braun at Kuks UNESCO site. Biography Alexandra Cihanská Machová Alexandra Cihanská Machová (*1985), composer and sound […]

Vlado Micenko

Vlado is a musician and an improviser who likes to play different kinds of music.  He finished his Master’s degree  at JAMU (Brno) – Jazz department – double bass . As an exchange student he was studying at Rhythmic Music Conservatory (Copenhagen), North Texas University (Denton), Escola Superior de Música e Artés  do Espetáculo (Porto).  Currently he […]

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