Put on your headphones and click play :-). By dragging the circles you can move them around and by moving mouse or tilting the phone you can move between them. Click the double arrows in the bottom right corner to go fullscreen. Below you can listen in to the elctronic music by Aid Kid or various contemporary composers below. Scroll down to learn more.

Collection by Aid Kid

Virtual Virtues

What is the Trick the Ear player?

Trick the Ear is a spatial audio web player. It works in all major web browsers and listener doesn’t have to install anything. For administration we provide integration for WordPress CMS. It also works as a standalone JavaScript HTML5 player (see documentation for more). Furthemore we provide the desktop software for encoding multi-channel audio files. Have a quick look at the video below where you can see how it works.

TrickTheEar spatial audio web player - short overview

Why to use Trick the Ear player?

  • You own it
    • The player and all the songs are hosted on your own webserver. That means no third party or cloud service involved, no blackouts. You are in charge of the copyright, the songs never leave your own system.
  • Easy to use
    • Works on desktop and mobile on all major web browsers.
    • Admin can manage the songs and all the option inside WordPress.
    • Custom encoder to create audio files for the player avaliable for all major operating systems.
  • Customizable
    • You can change backgroud or icons color, background image, use a YouTube video as a background or change the listener icon to ensure that the player will fit with your style.
    • You can change the options for the whole player but you can also set all the options separetly for each song.
  • True spatial audio
    • It’s better then ambisonics! You can actually walk inside the sound sphere as you would walk on the stage between musicians. You can also arrange the audio sources to different groups by dragging them together. It offers unique listening experience unlike any other.
  • HTML5 + JavaScript
    • Player is based on modern HTML5 and JavaScript so it is easy to implment on your own website. WordPress administration works as a PHP plugin with one click installation.
  • All the tools you need
    • From creating the audio files to uploading them we got you covered.

Create and test your own song

You can create your own song and tested with the player on our website locally:

  1. Prepare your audio stems – between 2-8. For example create one audio file for vocals, one for drums and one for guitar. So you would end up with 3 .wav mono files of the same length / duration (include the silence to make it the same length if necessary). If you don’t know how to do that or you don’t have the individual instruments recordings, you can use AI to extract the audio stems from existing stereo song. You can download the Spleeter Audio Stem Extractor for Windows desktop or simply use it online.
  2. When you have your audio stems ready, download our multichannel encoder app (MacOS, Win, Linux).
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file. After that simply click .exe file inside the folder. ( For installation instructions for different OS please refer to the Github readme )
  4. Drag and drop your .wav files on our Multichannel audio encoder app.
  5. Click export.
  6. Your multichannel files are located in the data folder of the Encoder app.
  7. Go to https://tricktheear.eu/test-your-song-locally/ to test the song
  8. On the website select the multichannel audio file you have just created as the input ( .ogg for Mozilla, .aac for Chrome and rest). Also set number of audio channels = number of your audio stems (2-8).
  9. Click play icon inside the player. You might wait for 5-10s before the song starts playing.
  10. If everything works as you expected send us email with the domain name where you want to publish your own Trick the Ear player. We will get back to you ASAP.
  11. Upload you songs to your website and set them up in the player. We recommend using our WordPress plugin for that- if you do you can easily set everything up using admin menu. If you are not using WordPress you can also use our online configurator to set up the player manually with your songs, background images and so on.