VR music

This is older project we have created in 2020. It is custom made web VR. We currently does not offer the VR app for public use but we are open to on demand commission, contact us for more. You can still enjoy it live in archived version below and download all the code used – we have released the VR version under MIT license so you can freely use it, even for commercial projects for free. Head to the Github repository for more.

VR experience

Click the “VR” button below to enter fullscreen. You will see black screen with a menu with a variety of musical original pieces made exclusively for this project. You can click the title with the mouse and then the loading screen will appear. Please wait up to approx. 15 seconds for the content to load.

DO NOT FORGET TO USE HEADPHONES! (to properly hear the spatial audio)

You can navigate in the VR space like in a PC game, see diagram below:

How to navigate in VR on desktop / laptop

2D video preview

Trick the Ear 2D preview of VR music experience v2 - virtual virtues and vices

Stereo mixdown