Contemporary music in VR

Virtual reality enables composers to work with spatial aspects of music without physical limitations. Instruments can be heard inside the listener’s skull, in the left ear or be constantly moving. Space becomes another means of expression. Listeners can also move freely in that space and therefore actively alter their musical experience.

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Kuks Hsopital UNESCO site with Matyas Braun statues – © Matěj Macháček 2020

We have commisioned six contemporary composers to create new pieces inspired by Virtues and Vices baroque sculpture series by Matyáš Braun and to specifically work with postion that sound comes from. Eeach instrument is represented by one statue and all composers were required to pick two vices and two virtues for their song. Read more about Composers and involved Musicians.

Move freely in virtual music space.

Beside creation of new artwork the project also acts as a manual for other artists how to tackle technical tools in their own work. All the used resources and workflow are freely available at the project website. You can remix and work upon the published materials as long as you give credit to the author, link to the project website and share with same licence CC BY-SA.

3d scanning statues using photogrametry

Visual side of the application is inspired by Virtues and Vices baroque sculpture series by Matyáš Bernard Braun – prominent baroque sculptor who created the series for UNESCO Kuks Hospital site. We scaned the statues using photogrammetry method – effectively capturing hundreds of photographs to reconstruct the 3d model. Once we had the 3d models we creatively modified them to give each distinctive new look.

3d models for download