Spatial audio player

Trick the Ear offers spatial audio html5 player. First of all have a look at interactive live demo below.

The player is intended to be used with regular headphones. It streams your music so the listener does not have to wait for the whole song to download. Every song can have multiple audio channels and each channel is then represented in virtual space. Listener can move between audio sources by moving mouse or tilting the phone. To rearrange the audio sources you can also drag them around with your mouse.

licencecommercial, you can use it for monetized content. You only pay once for the licence.Same as commercial licence and we will also setup the player for you.
custom background imageYESYES
custom colorsYESYES
integration with wordpressYESYES
setup without writing html codeYESYES
webhosting and domainNOYES
desktop encoder for multichannel audio filesYESYES
initial player setupNOYES
video backgroundYouTube autoplayYouTube autoplay
1 year webhostingNOYES
domain nameNOYES
technical supportNOYES
Pricing and features

All licences are valid for one domain / install. You pay one time and it’s forever yours – no subscription. You are responsible for the content hosting on your own site, no third party is involved.

PREMIUM licence includes webhosting and domain for one year that we will purchase in your name for one year, wordpress installation and initial setup of the player.

To create the audio files for the player we recommend using our encoder for desktop. You will need separate tracks that the endoder combines into one multichannel audio file. We recommend to use 4-6 audio sources per song but we support up to 8. Our encoder will let you simply drag and drop your audio sources and than you just click export to get the multichannel files suitable for streaming. Each channel should be mono and all audio sources should have same duration. If you want, you can also create these files on your own – see documentation for more on that.


  • What is this good for?
    • If you want to offer your listeners something new, experiment with spatial audio, provide an intearctive web experience that does not reuire to download anything and also works on mobile we are here for you. Keep in mind that the player works best when using headphones.
  • Can I have multiple players on one page?
    • Yes, just make sure each has unique id
  • How I can make multi channel audio files?
    • Use our desktop encoder app. First prepare all your audio sources as separate wav files with same length. Than drag and drop them onto the encoder and press export. Eventually see documentation to create those files manually.
  • I want to create website – can you do that?
    • No, we only provide the player itself. However if you purchase premium licence we will buy the webhosting and domain name for you, install wordpress there and setup the player. But you still need to make your own content for the website and select the look and fill it with content. Don’t worry, with WordPress you can do all that from admin interface similar to Word editor so no need to program anything.
  • The player does not work. Help!
    • First of all make sure that you understand the documentation. Than test the player using different computers and browsers. If all checks out please provide as many details as you can – prefarably with snapshot from javascript console. Send us an email.
  • Do you offer free demo?
    • No at this time. Have a look at the player on this webpage. If you feel uncertain contact us on email so we can answer your questions.
  • Can one song be in multiple different players with other songs?
    • Yes, Imagine the player as a playlist. You can have as many playlist you like and each song can be in multiple playlists. You can also have two identical players with same songs that will differ only in used colors as so on.