Štěpán Drtina

Štěpán Drtina (*1988) has studied at Prague Conservatory and HAMU. He had classes with Renata Strašrybková, Miroslav Petráš, Michal Kaňka, Jiří Bárt, Dmitrij Ferschtman, Anner Bylsma, Wolfgang Boettcher and Lugwig Quandt.

Štěpán plays mainly with Pavel Bořkovec Quartet and piano trio Solaris3. In addition he is part of the National Theatre Orchestra. He’s played in F.X. Šalda Theatre for three years and gained experience in a student focused internships in orchestras such as Česká Filharmonie, PKF – Prague Philharmonia, FOK and Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester. He collaborates with other Czech orchestras and ensembles (Berg, Talichova komorní filharmonie, Prague Modern, Ensemble Mondschein, Ensemble Terrible, etc.). Apart from classical music he enjoys playing in Prague bands Rare Footage a WunderBar Band. He’s a proud owner of Jolana Studio bass which he plays by himself and pretty badly.