Štěpán Pokorný

Štěpán Pokorný (born 1989 in Liberec, Czech Republic) is a music composer, conductor,  singer and instrumentalist. He studied conducting and music at the Charles University in Prague  under the leadership of MgA. Marek Štryncl.  

As a pianist, he spent his early high school years attending Karel Velebný Summer Jazz  Workshop in Frýdlant v Čechách and performing weekly as a cocktail pianist. He also started ensemble singing in a youth vocal group Regnis. Jazz, improvisation, singing and his teacher brought  him into a world of educated performance of early music. He participates every year in the  International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice as a harpsichordist, organist and a singer. He is a professional solo and ensemble singer and an occasional player in renowned music groups  such as: Musica Florea, Victoria Ensemble, Czech Ensemble Baroque, Czech Philharmonic Choir, etc. 

In 2016 he founded his own musical group – “Humble Ensemble” – with which he occasionally  works on project crossovers of early music, his own contemporary music and various other arts – in  2017, the group performed a musical-literary project: “Music of Pride and Prejudice” in honor of Jane  Austen’s 200th death anniversary.  

His greatest music passion is composition. He is an author of numerous compositions that  span through various genres of classical and pop culture. In 2019 he won a second awarded place in the J.J. Ryba Festival composition contest. In 2020 he wrote a premiere composition for festival “Podkrkonošské hudební léto”.  

Besides his professional music performance and composition, he likes to dive into other  aspects of artistic life. As an amateur, he plays the harp, contrabass and viola da gamba. He tunes and  repairs pianos, he has practical interest in fine arts and he writes and translates poetry.