Recording for Spatial audio

In order for spatial sound to work it needs to be recorded as separate tracks – ie so called multi-track. Original project was created for quartets therefore we encourage four separate tracks. More or less tracks is possible but it would require some minor changes in the code – if there will be big demand for this change, we will implement it, contact us for more.

multi track in DAW software

Very important is to separate the sounds in the tracks. We strongly recommend recording songs sequentially – one instrument after another and just using headphones for monitor feedback. This is best for sound separation but it also enables better mastering afterwards.

  • multi-track
  • export as 4 separate tracks
  • separate sounds – record sequentially
  • normalize audio peaks
  • keep the length under 12 minutes

You should apply basic equalization but do not include pronounced reverb (small reverb is ok, strong reverb is better simulated in the actual VR). We have recorded most of our songs at commercial studio. We also have contacts to some excellent sound technicians we can provide. Audio can be recorded at any other studio as there are no special procedures or hardware needed.

If you really must record everything at once we recommend super directional shotgun microphones and blocking the sound from different instruments with plexi shields and absorbing material. Even better you can record in different rooms if you have setup for it. 

We also have VR ambisonics microphones but keep in mind that these device are meant for ambient sounds and they do not allow for truly spatial audio. You can rotate in the recorded sound sphere but you can not walk closer to the sounds. Therefore we do not recommend it for this use case. Use standard microphones instead.   

Make sure you have all four tracks synchronised – they start at the same time. Record in lossless format like wav. Also be sure to normalize volume of all tracks before delivery.

In the end we compressed from wav format to the ogg. It is even smaller in size than mp3 and retains more details from original. Even so be sure to keep the length below aprox 12 minutes otherwise you will get huge loading times.